LASKI in Techagro 2024 7.-11.April


The international agricultural machinery trade fair Techagro & Silva Regina 2024 was once again held in Brno, Czech Republic, on April 7-11. Already traditionally LASKI technology is out there: wood chippers, stump grinders, routers, branch breakers, etc. 

The Aiatäht OÜ team visited its cooperation partners LASKI factory again, the entire selection of equipment was reviewed and further plans and innovation equipment were discussed.

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Learning tool for the Forestry School Luua - LASKI stump grinder


On September 12, Aiatäht OÜ handed over a new educational tool, the LASKI stump grinder F 460EI HD, to Luua Forest School. It was a very practical and concise day in terms of the theoretical and practical side of using a stump grinder. We thank both students and school representatives for the joint training day!

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LASKI - 30 years of competence!

30 years ago, on 27th March 1992, our company Laski, s.r.o. was registered in the Companies Register in Brno. Laski factory have launched more than 17 thousands machines in order to improve environment in towns and cities worldwide.

Our company Aiatäht OÜ congratulates! We have been happy to co-operate with the factory for a long time and to bring to the Estonian market / offer LASKI stump cutters, wood chippers, wood chippers, route cutters, etc. A technique that has proven itself and received good feedback from users. Laski devices are intended for demanding home users, but above all for service providers, landscapers, municipal companies, etc.
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How to use stump cutter LASKI?

Stump removal is lately quite a topical issue. Whether to remove an old annoying stump from a lawn or preparing a home garden before installing a robotic lawnmower, etc.

Thanks to our client Ramirent Eesti, who made this simple overview video tutorial on using a stump cutter. Rent yourself a bold "workman" stump cutter LASKI F 360. Fast work and a safe choice!
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Remote control stump cutter LASKI F 500HR - started work in Estonia!

Aiatäht give for the customer a powerful remote-controlled stump cutter, to perform service work on various objects where necessary.

LASKI F500HR - easy to operate and fast and clean when removing stumps. The overall width of this device is 890 mm - greater freedom of movement and access to work in limited and confined spaces. The remote control facilitates device control and workflow.

The stump cutter is intended for cutting the stumps above ground as well as partially for the ground part, ie for removing stumps. The diameter of the stumps is unlimited. Stump cutting with this Laski F 500HR stump cutter model is quite automatic.
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Wood chipper LASKI LS 160DWB - a powerful helper!

Underwood, felling waste, sawmill surfaces and other wood residues you can shop with a mobile diesel engine machine Laski wood chipper. You can comfortably hook up the wood chipper and drive to work where you need it. Quickly and easily make arrangements for  a country house yard landscaping,  park area, etc.!

BUY or RENT machine from Aiatäht!
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Hydraulic and powerful stump cutter LASKI F 500H

This year's deal, next year's earnings ... In the last days of the year, LASKI stump cutter F 500H/38 arrived from the factory to our selling salong Aiatäht. It is a powerful stump grinder with hydraulic control and operator "shield" for maximum work safety and fast work results. Come see the machine at the our salong (Tuleviku tee 10, Peetri) until this "good working animal" goes into his "new home" in the first days of the beginning of the year.
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Laski Estonian distributor during the hoidays

Have a nice end of the year and good beginning of a new one… We are still working hard on selling and servicing LASKI equipment. But holidays are also a time for taking time off and being with loved ones. Happy Holidays!

Laski representations are open during the holidays as following ...
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LASKI machines in Techagro 2018 Brno

From 8th to 12th April 2018 in the Czech Exhibition Center of Brno you can get a thorough look at the LASK technique.

The dealer Aiatäht team from Estonia also visited the Laski manufacturer display and had change to see the Laski new product models on the spot.
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Baltic states tree climbing championship 2017


10.-12.August in Pärnu Rannapark Baltic states tree climbing championship 2017.
Naturally Laski technique is on the spot and Aiatäht will also contribute to the success of the event.

Come and see this event and Laski machines this weekend in Pärnu!

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Happy Easter

14.April Friday Laski equipment stores Aiatäht in Harjumaa and Tööriistakeskus in Tartu are closed. 
15.April Saturday we are opened as usual.  
Normal open hours, see: HERE!

We wish to our customers and partners a Happy Easter!
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Anniversary of Estonian Republic - opening hours

In connection with the anniversary of the Republic of Estonia our Laski sales centers Aiatäht in SAKU and PEETRI and Tööriistakeskus in TARTU are open as follows in holiday schedule :

Happy Estonian Independence Day!
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Christmas holidays 2016

December is a time when we are celebrating Christmas and celebrete the beginning of new year. We thank our customers, partners, and our own team for the pleasant cooperation and wish all the best for the New Year!

Laski equipment sales stores are opened in December with the holiday schedule.
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Laski Stump Grinder rental now also in Tartu!

Good news! Now, our customers in Tartu can also get comfortably rid of annoying stumps in home gardens, parks, farm yard etc.

In Tartu Tööriistamarket rental product range added stump cutter LASKI 360 SW/11
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PHOTO GALLERY Laski machinery exhibition - Estonian XXV Farm Days

Aiatäht presented the XXV Estonian Farm Days on 30-31 July in Jäneda LASKI stump grinder, chipper and shredders.
Customers got to see also mobile bandsawmill Wirex CZ-1/U.
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Rental Stump cutter - customer videos!

Last we rented from Aiatäht Tallinn shop stump cutter Laski F 360 SW, which received again positive feedback from the client. Tallinn region has a couple of big old stump less. Customer made his work and after that sent us a couple of videos about grinding the stumps.

We thank our client for sharing his experience!
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Tule MAAMESS´le 21.-23.aprill!

Aiatäht ootab sind Maamessile 21.-23.aprill. Tule tutvu Norcar väikelaaduritega, Timbery M100 lintsaeraamiga ja näha ka õhukuumutaja Alfa-Therm (töö- ja laoruumidesse, kasvuhoonetesse).
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