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Trenching in soils for installation communications, electric cable, water pipes, etc.

Laski products are exported to 50 countries worldwide and have also gained Estonian customers approval. Laski products conform to all applicable environmental requirements, EU standards, regulations and directives.

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How to use stump cutter LASKI?

Stump removal is lately quite a topical issue. Whether to remove an old annoying stump from a lawn or preparing a home garden before installing a robotic lawnmower, etc.

Thanks to our client Ramirent Eesti, who made this simple overview video tutorial on using a stump cutter. Rent yourself a bold "workman" stump cutter LASKI F 360. Fast work and a safe choice!

Remote control stump cutter LASKI F 500HR - started work in Estonia!

Aiatäht give for the customer a powerful remote-controlled stump cutter, to perform service work on various objects where necessary.

LASKI F500HR - easy to operate and fast and clean when removing stumps. The overall width of this device is 890 mm - greater freedom of movement and access to work in limited and confined spaces. The remote control facilitates device control and workflow.

The stump cutter is intended for cutting the stumps above ground as well as partially for the ground part, ie for removing stumps. The diameter of the stumps is unlimited. Stump cutting with this Laski F 500HR stump cutter model is quite automatic.

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