Learning tool for the Forestry School Luua - LASKI stump grinder

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On September 12, Aiatäht OÜ handed over a new educational tool, the LASKI stump grinder F 460EI HD, to Luua Forest School. It was a very practical and concise day in terms of the theoretical and practical side of using a stump grinder. We thank both students and school representatives for the joint training day! 

The stump grinder LASKI F 460EI HD is a decent, powerful and reliable stump grinder (for milling the above-ground and underground parts of stumps, i.e. stump removal). A compact model that can work even in tighter and more complex conditions. A very good tool for arborists to diversify their work and services. 

Additional information about stump grinders: www.laski.ee and www.aiataht.ee

Additional information about Luua Forestry School: www.luua.ee 

Also, congratulations to Luua Metsanduskool on the occasion of its worthy 75th anniversary! 

But to the students, continued desire to learn and thirst for knowledge!

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