Branch shredder LASKI LS 95 A (battery-powered electric)

Product code: LZ-1111
Fully electric battery-powered powerful branch breaker (travel drive). Powerful branch shredder for work in parks, on sites in settlements, for farming or for plantation caretakers, etc.

The chipper LS 95 A is characterized by high performance and a simple design. The machine is fully electric. The motor is connected to the cutting unit by a V-belt. The machine is equipped with two cutting knives and a counter blade. The maximum diameter of the branch material to be crushed is up to 80 mm. The chopped material is fed by gravity, which means that the material loaded into the hopper slides by itself towards the cutting unit. Ergonomic handles and electric drive make handling the machine as easy as possible.

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Length1730 mm
Width790 mm
Height1530 mm
Weight280 kg
Productivity1.6 - 2.8 m3/h
Max. branch diameter80 mm


Diameter355 mm
Number of rotor blades/blades2
Chip length4-6 mm


Rotation angle-
Funnel mouth640 x 620 mm


Engine EL. BLDC IPM 200-33-48V
Power5-14 kW
Battery capacityLiFePO4 Cell:100 Ah