Mobile wood chipper LASKI LS 160 DWB with brakes on trailer (Engine Kohler 25HP)

Product code: LC-10003


Wood chipper LASKI LS 160 DWB (Kohler KDW 1404) with brakes, NEW O2 trailer category (over 750kg)

Towed on a trailer set, the powerful wood chipper with a diesel engine LASKI LS 160 DWB is mobile, compact, reliable and safe
- get yourself already the production of a manufacturer that has proven itself on the market for a long time!

A powerful machine with a diesel engine, which is intended for the disposal and cleaning of wood waste, branches, bark, twig wood and other biomass on the ground, and this in the form of chopping - the result is twig mulch.

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The materials inserted into the chipper with a diameter of up to 160 mm are suitable for chopping. Its rotating upper frame is equipped with a rotating base, so the material can be loaded from all sides possible/accessible. The chipper is also equipped with a hydraulically driven feed roller with a third-generation automatic system against overloading the internal combustion engine. In addition, standard equipment also includes an environmentally friendly water-cooled 25 hp Kohler diesel engine (Stage 5, EPA).

  • Trailer kit in standard equipment - you can conveniently and mobilely hook up the wood chipper to e.g. a car/van/tractor etc. and drive to carry out the work where needed. importation)
  • The resulting twig mulch can be directed with the waste diverter either into the car box (for transport) or can be dropped directly into mulch or directed into a pile< /li>
  • The working position of the chipper can be adjusted as needed - rotating head 360°
  • Safe and reliable machine

This chipper is designed to remove branches, trunks, bushes, bark and other above-ground plant parts or to make wood chips.

LASKI - a solid choice!
This model LASKI LS 160 DWB is a wood chipper that has proven itself well among customers, both as a private work machine and as a rental machine. Put the wood chipper to work for you!

LASKI equipment SALES - MAINTENANCE - ACCESSORIES AND SPARE PARTS directly from the importer in Estonia:


Length3490 mm (3160 mm (transport position)
Width1590 mm
Height2500 mm (1920 mm - transport position)
Weight830 kg (including chassis)
Productivity12-16 m3/h
Max diameter of processed wood160 mm
Tires: 155 R 13


Diameter600 mm
Number of rotor blades/blades2
Chip length5 - 15 mm


Feed opening size240 x 170 mm
Number of rolls2
Feed speed10-15m/min manually


Rotation angle360° - 12 positions
Funnel mouth1040 x 800 mm


ModelKOHLER KDW 1404
Power18.8 kW (25 hp)
Fuel tank capacity20 l
Fuel consumption3.5-4 l/h


Operating hours counter,
charge indicator lamp,
hazard switch,