Stump cutter LASKI P 50 RX 

Product code: PRX-50-GA
Stump cutter on tracked chassis with remote control.

Our stump cutter P 50 RX is used for cutting of above- and under-ground stump parts. Max. stump diameter to be cut is in fact unlimited. The tracked chassis is wheel-track-adjustable. Its low centre of gravity provides high stability of the machine also under worse field conditions with maximum work safety. Minimum track base of 800 mm makes also limited spaces and narrow sites more accessible. Its fully hydraulic control and remote controller facilitate any handling at work and make manual labour much easier. To the machine rear you can attach various attachments, such as dozer, winder, mulcher etc. This machine is powered by a 50 HP diesel engine.
Product price: 36 792.- eur (+ VAT)

Technical Specification

Length 2740 mm
Width 780 – 1180 mm
Height 1450 mm
Weight 1500 kg
Power output 2÷3 m³/hr
Fuel consumption 6,2 l/per hour

Cutting Head

Diameter 560 mm
Number of blades 18

Cutting Range

Above ground 600 mm
Under ground 380 mm
Operating range 1500 mm


Model HATZ 3L41C
Engine 36,7 kW (50 HP)
Fuel Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 30 l
Travel Speed 4 km/h

Not Included

Dozer P-ATP-01
Mulcher MU1200 PRX-50-GA-30